ocean of arms

by monotaur

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released July 30, 2015

Recorded by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings
mastered by carl Saff at Saff Mastering
artwork by Matt Cipov
drum samples provided by Chris Roberts



all rights reserved


monotaur Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Todd Stefan- guitar, vocals (ex- the silence project)
Luke Rivard- drums (ex- Bendata Bendata)

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Track Name: ocean of arms
Apollo, they found the body just 24 clicks to the west, riddled with hand prints, nobody owns it. Apollo, self is a construct, contrived and corrupted and I am deaf to the irony. Strike a match against the sea to burn the forest from the trees. Apollo, the black box mosaic, it tells the tale we forget. Written in red, the bloody transcript. Strike a match against the sea to burn the forest down. From the womb of the sea and the seed of the storm, we are but waves… crashing against the shore.
Track Name: shut your mouth
I see now, pawns are pawns. And that string you tried to hold, it left a ring around your throat. When you try to cut the line, you’re the one who falls. D’angelo, shut your mouth. That’s all you need to know. You’re just a cog in the machine. One pushes the other, and the gears keep turning. Life and toil, we all know blood is the oil. D’angelo, shut your mouth.
Track Name: friendless
These hands are big and broken. Cut your teeth on digging ditches. And as the light fades, the moat… it grows. These hands, they built a golden tomb, wall to wall… I can taste the empty on the tip of my tongue. Like the sound of a thousand people walking by, never meeting eyes.
Track Name: just a broken bottle
She can see the street light dancing on the shattered glass, lying in the chaos of what was left of her escape. Now it’s soaking in the cracks of the asphalt. She tried to take his head off with it, but hit the wall instead. He wasn’t there… and never was. Head in hands, and hollow heart, collapsed beside the thought of another one. Head in hands and hollow heart, but she can still see through the tears that there’s something beautiful dancing in dissonance.
Track Name: nonsequitur
I saw you lie to yourself. And I watched you buy it hook, line, and savior. I watched you try to walk away.
Track Name: stranger
A spear, and sharp like eyes… all I know is regret. A spear to my side… all I hold is regret. I touched the water, but I can’t forget. I held the moment and tried to wash my hands of it. Say again? Say again, stranger? I touched the water and I can’t forget. A spear through my mind… all I own is regret. I know what I did. I know what I didn’t.
Track Name: red
Cold and lifeless, marching in circles, day and night, day and night, awake and not… but she makes my heart pound red.
Track Name: servant
I thought you spent your last breathe, old man, under the weight of the pledge you said. Caught the scent of desperate answers. Chasing ghosts, the emperor has no clothes. You can’t pay a debt you never owed. Walked the whole line in the wrong direction. They drew your life in shades of reprehension. And if the pieces don’t fit, will you see the puzzle for what is?